What Inclusivity & Diversity means to us at Premier Foods

The core of our Inclusion and Diversity Strategy at Premier Foods is to provide a safe environment so that everyone feels they can bring their true authentic self to work and thrive.   

At Premier Foods we believe in inclusion, authenticity, and individuality. We aim to ensure all existing and potential colleagues are given equitable opportunities and are respected, valued and encouraged to bring their true authentic selves to work no matter who they are, what they look like, who they love or what they believe in.

Our culture is one where everyone is welcome.

Everyday inclusion is our approach to ensuring that the things we all do on a daily basis, including the way we behave and interact with each other, support the cultural and behavioural change we aspire to.

Our aim is to create a truly inclusive and diverse working environment; one where we all feel we belong and are empowered to fulfil our potential. It is not a one-off action or campaign, but sustained attention each and every day that embraces all individuals and differences. It requires us all to take personal responsibility for our everyday actions recognising that we all have an impact.

Desired outcomes

  • Eradicate discrimination from the workplace
  • Create diverse thinking teams
  • Foster innovation
  • Comply with the law
  • Have fairness, equality and transparency in the recruitment, selection & promotion process
  • Ensure everyone is represented, at all levels
  • Ensure remuneration is fair for all and reflects the job done
  • No one group is disproportionately facing formal action


Our commitments

  • To create a physiologically safe work environment that promotes inclusion, dignity, and respect for all
  • To foster a work environment where individual differences and contributions are recognised, valued and where all can thrive
  •  To treat colleagues fairly when it comes to promotion, progression, training, and development, with all decisions made in line with business needs as well as individual aptitude and ability, including when and where we select candidates for employment.
  • To encourage colleagues to raise their concerns if they feel they have been subject to discrimination so we can apply corrective measures
  • To regularly review our employment practices and procedures so that inclusion & diversity is achieved


Our Employee Resource Groups (ERG) 

All colleagues are eligible to join one of our ERGs (Gender, Multi-cultural, LGBTQ+ & Health & Disability).

Individually and collectively, they assist in the delivery of our Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Strategy, by actively driving our inclusion & diversity culture and they have a personal responsibility to ensure that they:

  •  Actively demonstrate allyship inclusion and diversity in the workplace
  • Raise awareness and instigate education programmes to support colleagues and managers
  • Identity systemic change opportunities through the lens of the underrepresented group they represent aligned to the I&D Strategy
  • Provide a platform for our colleagues’ voices to be heard
  • Partner with each other to identify intersectionality opportunities
  • Represent Premier Foods externally at Industry lead Inclusion & Diversity initiatives



Our culture is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that Inclusion & Diversity is continually promoted and adhered to within our workplace.