Food Science

Driving quality and food safety

Food safety, quality and authenticity are key priorities for Premier Foods.  We ensure that all our products are safe and wholesome for the consumer by the identification and control of food safety risks throughout the supply chain.

Our technical teams set and implement the standards of food safety and quality that ensure customer and consumer expectations are sustained. Technical input occurs at every step of the process, from development through to despatch.

This is achieved through dedicated teams across the business, from those on individual manufacturing sites looking at operational implementation, to centralised teams focused on internal and external audit, customer specifications and standards, systems, and specialised functions such as product testing and development.

Roles include Specifications Technologist, R&D Technologist, Chemist, Laboratory Manager and Technician.

Chukwudi Abani - Microbiology Laboratory Technician

I started working for Premier Foods in August 2019 as a Microbiology Laboratory Technician. Premier Foods have immense dedication to employees and their concerns. Working here has given me a sense of value that I have not felt at previous roles, and the hierarchy here seems very interested in ensuring there is employee satisfaction, as well as providing support. There has been emphasis put on training, as well as developing me to have the skills I need to excel and deliver high standards.  

Overall, my time here has been frantic peaks, delightful troughs, challenging me in ways I hadn't expected. I look forward to more experiences with Premier Foods. 

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